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How To Sleep In An Airport Chair

How To Sleep In An Airport Chair

With flight delays, layovers, and unexpected cancellations, it’s not uncommon to find yourself stuck at an airport for hours on end. And while airport sleeping pods are increasing in popularity, they aren’t always available or affordable for all travellers. This leaves you with the inevitable question: how can you catch some much-needed sleep while being confined to airport chairs? Don’t fret! In this article, we at Airport Sleeping Pods have put together a comprehensive guide on how to make the most of your airport chair slumber. Keep reading for tips, tricks, and even a few hacks to ensure you arrive at your destination well-rested and ready to explore.

How To Sleep In An Airport Chair Table of Contents

1. Choose your location wisely

As simple as it may sound, the ideal spot to sleep in an airport chair may not be the first one you come across. Look out for quiet corners, chairs against walls, and secluded areas with minimal foot traffic. Extra points if you find a spot near a power outlet to charge your devices as you sleep!

2. Utilize your luggage

Utilize your luggage to create a barrier from the hustle and bustle of the airport. This not only gives you added privacy but can also act as an improvised footrest or pillow for added comfort.

3. Dress comfortably

Ditch the jeans and tight clothing for comfortable, loose-fitting attire, and dress in layers. Airport temperatures can fluctuate from one terminal to the next, so dressing in layers allows you to easily adjust to your surroundings.

4. Invest in travel accessories

A good neck pillow, noise-cancelling earplugs or headphones, and an eye mask can make all the difference when attempting to sleep in an airport chair. Travel blankets and microfibre travel towels can also be used for extra warmth or cushioning.

How To Sleep In An Airport Chair Example

Imagine being stuck at Heathrow Airport in London during a flight layover. You’re desperately seeking sleep but can’t find a sleeping pod, and the busy atmosphere is far from ideal. Luckily, you read this guide and prepared yourself with all the necessary gear. You find a quiet corner by a coffee shop, secure your luggage as a barrier, put on your eye mask and noise-cancelling headphones, and get ready to doze off. While it may not be the comfiest bed, using these tips and tricks makes it much easier to drift off and make the most of your layover.

Sleeping in an airport chair may not be the most glamorous experience, but with the tips shared in this guide, you can overcome the challenges of slumbering in crowded, noisy terminals. Give these hacks a whirl during your next layover, and you might find that it’s not so bad after all. Don’t forget to share this post with fellow travellers and explore more content on Airport Sleeping Pods for all your airport slumber needs. Safe travels and sweet dreams!


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