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Can You Sleep In Schiphol Airport?

Can You Sleep In Schiphol Airport?

Layovers, delayed flights or early arrivals are a usual part of traveling. However, finding a comfortable place to get some rest before your next flight can be a hassle. Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is one of the busiest airports in Europe, handling over 71 million passengers yearly. If you’ve ever wondered, “Can you sleep in Schiphol Airport?”, then this guide is perfect for you! Today, we will explore the various options available to passengers looking to get some shut-eye, ranging from designated sleeping areas to airport hotels.

There are several options for sleep in Schiphol Airport. While some are more unconventional, others may require advanced booking or a fee. Here are some of the available options:

1. Public Seating Areas

Like any other airport, Schiphol Airport has seating areas where passengers can rest. Common areas near the gates are usually equipped with long chairs and a few lounge chairs. While these may not be the most ideal sleeping solutions, they can provide a few hours of rest if you don’t mind the hustle and bustle of airport life. Pro-tip: For a quieter area, head to the Holland Boulevard between Piers E and F, where you can find a less crowded seating area.

2. Airport Lounges

If you have a business or first-class ticket or have elite frequent flyer status, you can access one of the many airport lounges in Schiphol. These lounges generally offer more comfortable seating, along with complimentary food and drinks. Some of the airline-specific lounges might even provide quiet rooms or semi-private resting areas to their passengers. Bear in mind that access to these lounges could be limited and the resting facilities may vary.

3. YOTELAIR Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Located in the secure transit area, YOTELAIR is a convenient option for passengers staying between connecting flights who wish to remain airside. YOTELAIR offers compact yet comfortable cabins for rent. Each cabin includes a bed, a fold-out desk, a TV, and a private bathroom. You can rent a YOTELAIR cabin for a minimum of 4 hours, and bookings can be made in advance or on the spot, subject to availability.

4. Mercure Hotel Schiphol Terminal

Another option located within the airport terminal, Mercure Hotel Schiphol Terminal offers a more traditional hotel experience. This hotel is also airside, making it very convenient for passengers with long layovers. They provide standard rooms with ensuite bathrooms and essential amenities such as Wi-Fi and TV. Note that booking a room at Mercure Hotel in advance is highly recommended.

5. Other Airport Hotels

For those who are willing to leave the terminal, several other hotels are available close to the airport. Some popular options include Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel, CitizenM Schiphol Airport Hotel, and Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Most of these hotels provide a shuttle bus service to and from the airport and boast superior comfort and privacy compared to in-terminal accommodations or public areas.

Can You Sleep In Schiphol Airport Example

Imagine you have a 10-hour layover in Schiphol Airport. While exploring the airport for food and shopping, you find that you’re too tired to continue your adventures. Remembering the available options mentioned above, you choose an airport lounge accessible with your airline status. Inside you find cozy seating, food, and a semi-private area where you can take a peaceful nap before your next flight.

Now that you know the possibilities, we trust you can plan your layover or sleepover in Schiphol Airport with confidence. Don’t forget to share this guide with other travelers who may also benefit from these suggestions and be sure to explore our other guides on Airport Sleeping Pods for more information and tips to help you rest while traveling!


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