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Sleep At The Airport

Sleep At The Airport

Ever faced hours upon hours of layover at an airport with no convenient hotels nearby and just couldn’t help but wish you could sleep right there at the terminal? Introducing Airport Sleeping Pods, your complete guide to sleeping at airports and making the most of your layovers!

In this ultimate guide, we’ve got you covered with all the essentials, from helpful tips on finding the best spots to snooze right inside the terminal to the latest innovations in airport sleeping pods.

We’ve all been there. You’ve just disembarked a long flight and find yourself stranded at the airport for a dreaded layover with another flight lined up at the crack of dawn. You might have even experienced one of the most iconic images of travel grit – a sea of weary passengers sprawled out on airport floors, benches or reclined on their suitcases. The need for a comfortable place to catch a few winks during such layovers is more pertinent now than ever. So, let’s dive in and explore our guide to a restful layover!

Helpful Tips for Sleeping at the Airport


Prior to leaving for your trip, do a quick search on the amenities available at the airports you might have long layovers at. Some airports offer sleeping pods, resting areas or even nearby hotels with 24-hour shuttle services. This will give you an idea of what to expect and plan accordingly.

Dress for Comfort

If you’re down for a nap, dressing comfortably is no less than essential. Avoid tight clothes and wear layers so you can easily adjust to the varying temperatures at the airport.

Packing Essentials

Carry noise-cancelling headphones, an eye mask, neck pillow and a compact blanket to make your airport sleep session as comfortable as possible. Also, consider having a small padlock to secure your belongings while you sleep.

Airport Sleeping Pods: A New Travel Trend

In response to the increased demand for sleeping options at airports, various innovative solutions have emerged. One such futuristic concept that has gained popularity is sleeping pods or capsules – small, compact and usually soundproof spaces for travelers to catch a few hours of sleep in between flights. Some of the most highly regarded airport sleeping pods include:


Tiny rooms equipped with a comfortable bed, soundproof walls, LED lighting, charging points, and minimalistic storage space. These can be found at locations such as Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport.


Located at Dubai International Airport, SnoozeCubes are equipped with a touchscreen TV, Wi-Fi, charging points, and a sliding door for added privacy.


These futuristic sleeping pods can be found at Helsinki and Abu Dhabi airports. GoSleep pods have a simple design, featuring a chair that turns into a sleeping pod with a slide-over shade for privacy.

Finding the Best Spots to Sleep at the Airport

If sleeping pods aren’t an option, fear not! Here are some insider tips for finding the best spots at the airport to catch some shut-eye:

Avoid high-traffic areas

Look for quiet spots away from busy terminals and boarding gates. These can often be found at the ends of terminals or near airport offices.

Choose a designated rest area

Some airports have designated rest areas with comfortable seating. These may offer quieter spots for a snooze and even reclining chairs or sofas.

Opt for carpeted floors

If you need to curl up on the airport floor, make sure you choose a soft, carpeted area away from any airport entrances to prevent any exposure to cold drafts.

With your newfound knowledge on airport sleeping, you’re now equipped with the tools needed to make your next layover a restful experience. From cozy areas to snooze in the terminal or luxurious sleeping pods, rest easy knowing you can now catch your Z’s no matter where you find yourself. Before you sign off, be sure to share this ultimate guide with fellow travelers and explore our other articles on Airport Sleeping Pods to make your travel journey more convenient and relaxing!


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