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Where Can You Sleep In An Airport?

Where Can You Sleep In An Airport?

Sleep: it’s something we all need desperately when we’re waiting for a connecting flight or a long layover. Airport lounges can be too loud, bustling, and overcrowded to take a nap in peace. That’s why Airport Sleeping Pods is here to present the ultimate guide to catching Z’s between flights, featuring some of the best places to sleep in airports worldwide.

In this comprehensive and engaging guide, we’ll detail everything you need to know about airport sleeping spots – from the best airport sleeping pods to secret nooks and crannies that can serve as your personal sanctuary.

Airport Sleeping Pods: A Growing Trend

More and more airports are recognizing the need to provide better sleeping accommodations to weary travelers. One innovative solution is the creation of airport sleeping pods – compact, tech-savvy, and comfortable sleeping facilities designed specifically for passengers in transit.

Here are some examples of airports that offer sleeping pods as a resting option:

• Munich Airport: The “napcab,” offers four sizes of sleeping pods equipped with beds, a desk, a flatscreen TV, and charging outlets.

• London Heathrow Airport: GoSleep sleeping pods are available in Terminal 3, which offer lie-flat beds and privacy screens.

• Abu Dhabi International Airport: GoSleep Pullman offers sleeping pods with a top cover that can be drawn down for privacy and protection from noise and light.

International Lounges with Rest Zones

Some luxurious airport lounges offer designated “rest zones” or sleeping areas, although these may only be accessible to first-class or business-class passengers or by purchasing a day pass. Examples include:

• British Airways’ Concorde Room at London Heathrow: Offers “private cabanas” that include a daybed, desk, and en-suite bathroom.

• Qatar Airways’ Al Mourjan Business Lounge in Doha: Features a “Quiet Room” with plush lounge chairs and relaxation pods.

Quiet Escape: Airports with Prayer Rooms and Meditation Areas

Prayer rooms or meditation areas, typically meant for religious purposes, can sometimes be a peaceful spot for airport sleepers. These areas are generally quiet, offer seating (most likely benches or chairs), and are located away from high-traffic areas. Examples include:

• Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport’s Prayer/Chapel Rooms: Found in every terminal, and open 24/7.

• Singapore Changi Airport’s “Charging Points”: Located around the airport, they offer padded seating and multiple charging stations.

The Secret’s in the Seating: Finding Airport Benches and Lounge Chairs

Many airports offer comfortable seating scattered throughout their terminals, suitable for sleeping:

• Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam: Look for cushioned blue couches found throughout the various airport gates.

• San Francisco International Airport: Terminal 3 has several cushioned benches perfect for stretching out.

Where Can You Sleep In An Airport Example

Picture this: You arrive at London Heathrow Airport for a long layover. Exhausted, you remember reading this helpful guide from Airport Sleeping Pods. You make your way to Terminal 3, find a GoSleep sleeping pod, and get well-needed sleep – charged and ready for the next leg of your journey.

EAs you’ve discovered, there are numerous ways to find sleep in airports across the globe. Although some options will require a fee or access to a specific class of travel, there are plenty of free choices for the budget-conscious traveler. In the end, it’s essential to research your options based on the specific airports you’ll be in.

Don’t forget to share this valuable Airport Sleeping Pods guide with fellow travelers, and be sure to explore our other write-ups to ensure you have the best experience during your layovers! Happy travels and sweet dreams!


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