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Is It Illegal To Sleep In An Airport?

Is It Illegal To Sleep In An Airport?

Travelling can be exhausting, especially when you have long layovers and connecting flights. The idea of catching a few hours of shut-eye may cross your mind when spending a prolonged period at the airport, but have you ever questioned yourself – is it illegal to sleep in an airport? Keep reading to find out!

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Is It Illegal To Sleep In An Airport Example

Airports can be surprisingly chaotic and noisy environments, seemingly not the ideal spot to take a nap. However, many travellers find themselves in a situation where they cannot afford a hotel or need to sleep briefly to combat jetlag. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to know whether you’re allowed to rest your head in the airport or not.

In most airports around the world, it is not illegal to sleep as long as you don’t pose a security threat or cause discomfort to other passengers. As airports remain open 24/7, they understand that layovers are common, and exhausted passengers need a place to rest.

That said, each airport has its own policies and regulations. Before your trip, it’s good to check the specific airport rules on sleeping within their premises. If particular airports don’t allow passengers to sleep or only offer limited resting areas, you may risk being woken up or asked to leave by airport staff.

Is It Illegal To Sleep In An Airport Example

In April 2018, San Diego International Airport (SAN) introduced a new policy prohibiting passengers from sleeping on the floors or seats of terminals between midnight and 5 am. The reason for this change in policy was to address the concerns of homeless individuals occupying the airport terminals during these hours. Therefore, SAN may wake you up or force you to leave the airport terminal if you’re caught sleeping on the floor or seats overnight.

Despite some airports having strict rules about sleeping within their premises, many airports offer various comfortable resting areas and options, like airport sleeping pods. To stay on the right side of the law and ensure a comfortable and safe resting experience, always plan ahead for your layover sleep.

Knowledge is power – and being aware of the airport rules will ensure smooth and hassle-free travel. Share this article with your fellow travellers so that everyone is aware of the legalities and possibilities of sleeping in airports. For more tips and valuable information related to airport sleeping pods and catching zzz’s during layovers, explore our other guides at Airport Sleeping Pods!


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