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Sleeping Overnight In An Airport

Sleeping Overnight In An Airport

We’ve all been there – long layovers, delayed flights, or simply being stuck at the airport for countless hours. Sometimes, you just have to catch some shut-eye before your next flight or to simply stay sane in the terminal. But how do you go about sleeping at an airport? This is the ultimate guide to airport sleeping pods and tips for spending the night in an airport like a pro traveller.

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Airport Sleeping Pods

Gone are the days of sleeping on cold, hard terminal floors. Airport sleeping pods have popped up all over the world, providing travellers with a comfortable and private spot to rest, work, or just chill during long layovers.

These pods come in various shapes and sizes, with the fancier ones including power outlets, Wi-Fi, television screens, and even showers. From small, capsule-like cocoons to larger, cabin-style rooms, airport sleeping pods provide a cost-effective alternative for travellers who don’t want to leave the airport to book a pricey hotel room.

Popular Sleeping Pods:

1. GoSleep Pods: Avaiable at multiple airports, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi, these ergonomic chairs can transform into flat beds and also have a shade for privacy.

2. Snooze Cubes: Found at Dubai International Airport, Snooze Cubes offer a private space that includes a comfortable bed, TV, and Wi-Fi.

3. Minute Suites: Operating at various U.S. airports, these larger sleeping pods are essentially tiny private rooms, complete with a bed, TV, and workstation.

Tips for Sleeping at an Airport

If you’re not lucky enough to be at an airport with sleeping pod options, fear not! There are still ways to make your overnight stay at the airport more bearable:

1. Do Your Research: Before travelling, take a look at the website or app “Sleeping in Airports” to find information on various airports’ sleeping facilities and traveller reviews.

2. Bring the Essentials: To block out the noise, light, and all-around discomfort of an airport, make sure to pack earplugs, an eye mask, and travel pillow. Also, consider a light blanket because airports tend to have the air conditioning cranked up.

3. Dress Comfortably: Opt for loose, warm clothing to ensure that you’re comfortable during your airport stay.

4. Choose Your Spot Wisely: Aim for areas with less foot traffic and avoid spots near main walkways or restrooms. Look for a row of empty seats with no armrests, so you can stretch out comfortably.

5. Secure Your Belongings: Always keep your luggage close and consider using a luggage lock or cable to secure your bags to a seat or post.

Sleeping Overnight In An Airport Example: An Overnight Airport Stay

Imagine you’re travelling from New York to Bali, with a 10-hour layover at London’s Heathrow Airport. You arrive at Heathrow and find a quieter area in Terminal 5. Equipped with an inflatable pillow, earplugs, and an eye mask, you stake a claim on a row of seats and secure your luggage with a cable lock.

With your phone charged and alarm set to give you plenty of time before your next flight, you rest easy knowing you have the tools and knowledge to catch some much-needed sleep before your journey continues.

Sleeping overnight in an airport might not be the most glamorous experience, but with the right knowledge and a bit of preparation, you can make it tolerable – and perhaps even enjoyable. Don’t forget to share your airport sleeping experiences and check out Airport Sleeping Pods for more guides on making the most of your layovers. Happy travels!


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