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Staying At Airport Overnight

Staying At Airport Overnight

Picture this: you’re tired and weary after a long day of travel, only to find out that you’ll be spending the night at the airport. This scenario is far from ideal, but with a bit of preparation and know-how, staying overnight at that airport doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You might even find it to be a surprisingly comfortable experience. This comprehensive guide to staying overnight at an airport will teach you everything you need to know to make your layover a restful and enjoyable one!

1. Plan ahead

As with any travel plans, a bit of foresight can go a long way. If you know in advance that you will be spending the night at an airport, check the airport’s website for any sleeping accommodations they offer. This can include info on airport sleeping pods, traveler lounges, and nearby hotels with shuttle services. Doing some research ahead of time will help ensure a smoother experience when sleep beckons.

2. Choose your sleeping spot wisely

Not all airport nooks are created equal. Some prime factors to consider when selecting your sleeping spot include noise level, foot traffic, lighting, and temperature. Try to find a spot away from loud announcements or crowded boarding gates. If possible, sleep near your airline’s customer service desk, so you can quickly get updated on any flight changes.

3. Dress for comfort

A good night’s sleep often begins with comfortable clothing. Choose breathable fabrics, like light cotton or moisture-wicking materials, to help regulate your body temperature. Don’t forget warm socks, as airport floors can be cold, and a light sweater or hoodie in case the temperature drops overnight.

4. Pack smart

A few key items can make all the difference when it comes to sleeping in an airport. Some essentials to consider packing include:

  • Travel pillow and/or inflatable camping pillow
  • Lightweight blanket or large scarf
  • Eye mask to block out unwanted light
  • Earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones to keep undesired sounds at bay
  • Portable charger for your devices (many airports shut off power outlets overnight)

5. Be mindful of your luggage

Make sure your personal belongings are secure while you sleep. Attach bags to your body or nearby fixtures if possible, or use them as a makeshift pillow or footrest. This will give you peace of mind and help prevent any risk of theft during your slumber.

Staying At Airport Overnight Example

Let’s say you’re flying from New York to Sydney with an overnight layover in Los Angeles. Upon researching the LAX airport, you learn that it offers several traveler lounges available for a fee to provide comfortable seating, food, and amenities. You also find out about a small, on-site hotel called LAXrPidz Hotel that offers “micro rooms” specifically designed for short-term overnight stays.

When you arrive at LAX, you scout the terminal for potential sleeping spots and find a quiet area near the customer service desk. You change into comfortable clothing and set up your inflatable pillow, blanket, and eye mask for maximum comfort. Before tucking in for the night, you make sure your luggage is secure and easily accessible.

Armed with this guide, your overnight airport stay doesn’t have to be an exhausting experience. Instead, it can be a surprising opportunity to rest and recharge for the next leg of your journey – all while saving on accommodation costs. After learning the ins and outs of spending the night in an airport, we encourage you to share this guide with fellow travelers and explore the wide array of airport sleeping options available. Embrace the airport overnight as an opportunity for rest and rely on Airport Sleeping Pods as your go-to resource for making the most of your layover!


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