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Atlanta Airport Sleeping Pods

Atlanta Airport Sleeping Pods

Whether you’re a frequent business traveler or a vacationing tourist, it’s essential to find the best solution to get a good rest at airports during layovers or delays. And what better way than in the comfortable and cozy Atlanta airport sleeping pods? These innovative sleep solutions provide you with just the right balance of privacy and convenience amidst the hustle and bustle of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. This guide will give you all the necessary information about the airport sleeping pods at ATL and how you can make the most of your layover.

Atlanta Airport Sleeping Pods Table of Contents

Atlanta Airport Sleeping Pods, also referred to as Minute Suites, are small private rooms designed for relaxation and quick naps. These suites offer a comfortable space for passengers to unwind, take a shower, catch up on work, or simply lay down and enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

Located on the Concourse B near Gate B16 inside Terminal 1 of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, ATL’s sleeping pods present an exceptional alternative to the traditional airport lounges. Here’s what you can expect inside these minute suites:

1. Privacy: The rooms are soundproof, ensuring that you get your privacy as well as protection from external noise. Each pod has a comfortable daybed sofa, pillows, and fresh blankets that are enticing enough to make one want to curl up immediately.

2. Ambiance: Adjustable lighting with different settings is provided so you can create the perfect atmosphere to relax or work. The temperature in the pods can also be controlled to suit your preferences.

3. Entertainment: Every suite comes with a flat-screen TV that offers a variety of channels, including DirecTV and Netflix. Charge your devices as there are electrical outlets and USB ports available.

4. Workspace: If you need to catch up on work, the suites contain a desk and chair, as well as a high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

5. Refreshments: Enjoy the complimentary hot beverages, including coffee, tea, and hot chocolate available to all guests.

Atlanta Airport Sleeping Pods Example

Imagine that you are on a long layover at Atlanta Airport and are looking for a space to relax and recharge before your next flight. Instead of searching for a quiet corner in the terminal, you can book an Atlanta Airport Sleeping Pod for an hour or more, providing you with a dedicated space where you can rest, watch a movie, or simply enjoy some quiet time.

Pricing and Booking

Rates for utilizing Atlanta Airport Sleeping Pods start at around $42 per hour for the first two hours, with the option to add-on in 15-minute increments. For overnight stays, an 8-hour package is priced at $155. Additionally, shower facilities are available at a cost of $20 per shower.

Booking a Minute Suite is easy. Reservations can be made on the official Minute Suites website, by calling their direct phone number, or simply by walking up to their location inside Concourse B.

Atlanta Airport Sleeping Pods are an excellent solution for those seeking comfort, privacy, and convenience while at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Providing an amazing escape from the busy airport atmosphere, these innovative sleep options cater to the needs of modern travelers looking for rest and rejuvenation. So next time you find yourself with a layover or a delayed flight in Atlanta, consider experiencing the benefits of the Airport Sleeping Pods. Don’t forget to share your story on social media to let others know about this fantastic airport amenity and explore other guides on Airport Sleeping Pods for your future travels!


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