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Are There Showers At Airports?

Are There Showers At Airports?

Ever found yourself feeling a little less than fresh after a long flight? Or maybe you’ve got a layover and you know that a shower will revive you? With layovers and long travel days becoming more common, the need for facilities to freshen up is becoming a necessity. You may have wondered, are there showers at airports? The answer is yes! However, their availability may vary from airport to airport. This guide will break down everything you need to know about airport showers and how to find them.

The Rise of Airport Showers

The need for showers at airports has been steadily increasing as travel times have increased and layovers have become more common. To cater to this demand, airport showers are being introduced within lounges, public areas, and even hotels inside the airport. As well as providing a great way to freshen up and recharge, airport showers can also be a beneficial amenity for business travellers needing to get ready for meetings or pitches.

Finding the Showers

Not every airport has showers available, but many major international airports do. So how do you find them? Start by checking the airport’s website as most airports have a list of amenities and services on their site. Additionally, you can use apps like LoungeBuddy, which can provide information on lounges that include shower facilities. Search the name of the airport plus “showers” on your smartphone and you’ll typically get relevant results.

Inside Airport Lounges

One of the most common places to find showers is inside airport lounges, which are available to passengers with certain premium tickets or memberships. Common lounge programs that offer shower facilities include Priority Pass, American Express Centurion and United Club. If you have access to one of these lounges, all you need to do is check in and ask the staff for availability and any associated fees.

Public Showers in Airports

Some airports have public showers that any passenger can use, with fees generally ranging between $10-$20. These showers are typically well-maintained, and amenities like towels, soap, and shampoo are often provided. Airports that offer public showers include Amsterdam Schiphol, London Heathrow, and Singapore Changi.

Airport Hotels with Shower Access

In many airports, hotels are now offering day rates or partial day rates for travellers to freshen up in a hotel room. These hotels can be found landside or airside, with the latter allowing passengers to easily freshen up between flights without leaving security. Examples include YOTELAIR, which has locations in airports like Paris Charles de Gaulle, London Gatwick, and Istanbul Airport.

Tips and Tricks for Using Airport Showers

1. Plan ahead

If you have a layover at an airport and know you will want a shower, do some research ahead of time to determine the availability and any costs associated with showering at that airport.

2. Bring your own toiletries

While some facilities provide basic amenities, it’s always a good idea to have your own travel-sized toiletries on hand.

3. Allow enough time

Make sure to allocate enough time in your layover for waiting for shower availability, as well as time to freshen up after.

To summarize, freshening up with a shower at an airport is possible, and it’s only becoming more available as the demand grows. With lounges, public showers, and airport hotels offering various forms of access, travellers have more and more options to recharge and stay fresh.

Now that you know about airport showers, why not explore more guides on Airport Sleeping Pods? Share this post with fellow travellers who may need a shower during their layover, and make sure to check for airport showers in your next travel itinerary.


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