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Can You Stay Overnight In An Airport?

Can You Stay Overnight In An Airport?

Long layovers, delayed flights, and unexpected travel disruptions – these are just some of the reasons why travelers might find themselves needing to spend the night at an airport. But is it really possible to get some shut-eye between flights? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about spending the night at an airport.

Picture this: You’ve just arrived at your connecting airport, fresh off one flight, but your next one isn’t until the following morning. Or maybe your flight has been delayed, and you’re now stuck in a different city for the night. Whatever the reason, spending the night at an airport can be a daunting prospect. Gone are the days of uncomfortable plastic chairs and zero amenities – today’s airports are becoming increasingly traveler-friendly, offering a range of facilities and sleeping options aimed at making your overnight stay a more pleasant experience.

Landing at an airport with the intention of staying overnight for the first time can rouse a mix of excitement and uncertainty. Here is a rundown of everything you should consider when planning your airport slumber:

1. Availability

First and foremost, you need to determine whether the airport you’re at actually permits overnight stays. Some airports close their doors at night, while others operate 24/7. To find out, check the airport’s official website or ask airport staff about their overnight policies.

2. Sleeping options

Airports come with various sleeping arrangements ranging from makeshift spots to dedicated sleeping pods.

Makeshift sleeping spots

These include benches, chairs and floor space. Be prepared to get creative when looking for potential sleeping spots, as comfortable options might be limited. Don’t forget to pack a travel pillow, eye mask, and earplugs for added comfort.

Airport sleeping pods

Some airports are now offering dedicated airport sleeping pods, also known as sleeping cabins or nap lounges. These pods offer a private, comfortable space for passengers to rest for a few hours. The pods typically come equipped with a bed, Wi-Fi, lighting, and charging outlets. Keep in mind that these pods usually come with a fee and can be booked in advance.

Airport hotels

Larger airports might have hotels or motels located on-site or nearby, providing more traditional accommodation options for your overnight stay. Be sure to check the rates and availability in advance.

3. Amenities

Research what facilities are available at the airport for a more enjoyable stay. Look for:

– 24-hour food outlets and vending machines for late-night snacks

– Restrooms, including shower facilities if possible

– Wi-Fi access

– Charging stations for electronic devices

– Luggage storage areas for stowing your bags while you sleep

4. Safety

Staying overnight in an airport can come with safety concerns, as not all airports have a high level of security in place. To stay safe overnight:

– Choose a well-lit area with other travelers around

– Keep your valuable items and documents secure and within your reach

– Avoid sleeping near doors or under escalators, as these can be vulnerable spots

– If you’re traveling solo, inform someone about your whereabouts and your travel plans

Can You Stay Overnight In An Airport Example

As an example, let’s take Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France. This airport operates 24/7 and offers overnight passengers several sleeping options. In addition to makeshift sleeping spots, there are dedicated airport sleeping pods called YotelAir, ranging in price from €80 to €150 for a stay up to 10 hours. The airport also has the Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel conveniently located within Terminal 2. As for amenities, passengers have access to 24-hour food outlets, Wi-Fi, restrooms, and luggage storage options.

Spending the night at an airport can be a surprisingly comfortable and convenient option when facing long layovers, delays, or unexpected disruptions. With the right planning, research and equipment, you can transform your airport slumber into a unique adventure. If you found this guide helpful, feel free to share it with fellow travelers and explore more informative articles on our Airport Sleeping Pods blog. Happy travels, and sweet dreams!


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