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Can I Sleep At Pearson Airport?

Can I Sleep At Pearson Airport?

Are you planning a layover at Pearson Airport and wondering if you can catch some sleep before your connecting flight? We’ve got good news for you! Airport Sleeping Pods has prepared a comprehensive guide on how to comfortably rest and sleep at Canada’s busiest airport.

Toronto Pearson International Airport, also known as Pearson Airport, is a hub for thousands of domestic and international flights making it an essential layover point for passengers on long journeys. Just like other international airports, Pearson Airport knows that its passengers need to rest during those tedious layovers. As experts in airport sleeping arrangements, we at Airport Sleeping Pods will give you an insider’s scoop on where and how to sleep at Pearson Airport.

1. Sleeping Options Inside Pearson Airport

Pearson Airport boasts a myriad of comfortable spots for tired passengers to relax, recharge and catch some much-needed sleep.

a. Terminal 1 and Terminal 3

Both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 have designated quiet zones equipped with padded, comfortable seating perfect for resting. These quiet zones are usually dimly lit and located away from the hustle and bustle of the main departure halls. Look out for the “Rest Zone” signs to locate these tranquil areas.

b. Layover Lounges

For a more luxurious layover experience, you can opt to use premium lounges in Terminal 1 or Terminal 3. These offer comfortable seating, showers, and refreshments, with all-inclusivity depending on the lounge rules. Some of the popular lounges at Pearson Airport include:

  • Plaza Premium Lounges
  • Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounge
  • American Airlines Admirals Club

Note that access to these lounges usually requires a same-day boarding pass, membership, or purchase of a day pass.

c. Airport Sleeping Pods

Complimentary Minute Suites (NapCabins) are available in Terminal 3 and are designed specifically to provide a private sleeping environment with amenities such as adjustable lighting, charging points, and a cozy bed or chaise longue. These can be booked upon arrival and are free for use for up to two hours, perfect for that power nap to beat jet lag.

2. Hotels Near Pearson Airport

Should you prefer a hotel room, Pearson Airport is surrounded by affordable and luxurious hotels within proximity. Some of these include:

  • Sheraton Gateway Hotel: Connected to Terminal 3, this four-star hotel allows you to walk directly from your terminal to a cozy bed without stepping foot outside.
  • Embassy Suites by Hilton: Offering a complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport, this hotel guarantees comfort and convenience during your layover.
  • ALT Hotel Toronto Airport: Providing a 24-hour shuttle, ALT Hotel is a budget-friendly option for those seeking a more substantial rest during their layover.

Can I Sleep At Pearson Airport Example

Imagine you have a layover of 4 hours at Pearson Airport, and you need a quick nap to rejuvenate yourself. You can opt for the complimentary Minute Suites (NapCabins) in Terminal 3 for two hours and save on any additional expenses of premium lounges or hotel rooms.

Now that you know about the various sleeping options available at Pearson Airport, you can ensure that your layover experience is as comfortable as possible. Be sure to share this guide with your friends and family, and explore other fantastic guides on Airport Sleeping Pods to make your travel experience seamless and enjoyable!


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