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What Airports Have A Hotel In Them?

What Airports Have A Hotel In Them?

Airports worldwide have significantly evolved over the years, and in today’s fast-paced world, convenience takes center stage. As such, airport hotels are becoming increasingly popular for weary travelers to get some sleep and recharge during layovers, night flights, or simply to eliminate the stress of catching an early morning flight. In this article, we will take a closer look at some airports that have hotels in them, making your journey smoother and more enjoyable.

Let’s first delve into what makes having a hotel in an airport so appealing.

Air travel can be tiring and stressful, especially with long layovers or flight delays, and finding comfortable spots to rest can be difficult or near impossible in an unfamiliar airport. That’s where airport hotels step in, providing a comfortable and convenient place to rest, rejuvenate, and prepare for the next leg of your journey. They offer a variety of amenities such as dining options, comfortable beds, and even fitness facilities. What’s more, they are generally within walking distance from the terminal or are just a shuttle ride away.

Now, let’s explore some airports globally that house hotels within their premises so you can plan an efficient and restful trip.

1. Singapore’s Changi Airport

Named the world’s best airport multiple times, the jewel of Singapore offers more than just duty-free shopping and delicious hawker food. The airport features three hotel options, namely Aerotel Singapore in Terminal 1, YOTELAIR in Terminal 4, and Crowne Plaza Hotel in Terminal 3. They all offer various room types, dining options, and even an outdoor swimming pool.

2. Hong Kong International Airport

One of the world’s busiest airports by passenger volume, HKIA is also home to Regal Airport Hotel. Offering 1,171 luxurious rooms and suites, it is the world’s largest airport hotel with amenities including a gym, outdoor pool, and six dining options. The best part? It’s connected to Terminal 1 by an air-conditioned bridge.

3. Dubai International Airport

DXB boasts the 5-star Dubai International Hotel located right within Terminal 3’s concourse. With 530 rooms, two health clubs, and a spa, the hotel is a haven for the weary traveler in need of rest and relaxation.

4. London Heathrow Airport

At LHR, you have several options, including the Hilton London Heathrow in Terminal 4 and the Sofitel London Heathrow in Terminal 5. Both hotels offer upscale amenities and dining options, ensuring you feel refreshed and prepared for your next flight.

5. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

ATL is home to the Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway hotel, offering 403 guest rooms and an indoor pool. The best part is its proximity to the airport, as it’s directly connected to the terminal via the ATL Skytrain.

6. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

At DFW, book a stay at the Grand Hyatt DFW, located right inside Terminal D. The luxury hotel offers a rooftop pool, fitness facilities, and several dining options, ensuring your comfort while traveling.

What Airports Have A Hotel In Them Example

Imagine catching a connecting flight via Singapore’s Changi Airport, but only a few hours separate you from your next flight. Instead of waiting in the terminal, you can check into Aerotel Singapore for a much-needed nap and a shower. Afterward, enjoy a meal at their bistro before strolling around the enchanting Jewel Changi and boarding your next flight entirely refreshed.

Airport hotels can transform your layovers from frustrating and tiring waits to rejuvenating pit stops, ensuring you arrive at your destination refreshed and revitalized. Next time you’re booking a layover or a red-eye flight, consider booking a hotel room inside the terminal, and share this helpful guide with fellow travelers. Want to know more about sleeping at an airport or using airport sleeping pods? Explore our other guides on Airport Sleeping Pods for more insider tips and tricks. Happy travels!


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