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Amsterdam Airport Sleeping Pods

Amsterdam Airport Sleeping Pods

You’ve just landed in Amsterdam after a long, tiring flight. As your journey continues, you find yourself in need of some rest before you continue with your plans. The hustle and noise of the busy Amsterdam Schiphol Airport make it difficult to find a quiet and comfortable spot to rest your weary head. The solution? Amsterdam airport sleeping pods! In this guide, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about these travel lifesavers.

What are Amsterdam Airport Sleeping Pods?

Amsterdam airport sleeping pods offer individual, private, and self-contained spaces that allow travellers to catch some shut-eye in a stress-free environment. These pods are designed for short naps or longer overnight stays, providing a cozy and secure resting place while you wait for your next flight or as an alternative to expensive airport hotels. Equipped with a comfortable bed, charging ports for your devices, reading lights, and soundproofing technology, an airport sleeping pod may be the perfect answer to your layover needs.

Where to Find Amsterdam Airport Sleeping Pods

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is home to two brands of sleeping pods: GoSleep and YOTELAIR. You can find a number of GoSleep pods located throughout the airport, near the non-Schengen area lounges. These pods are coin-operated and can be rented for a quick power nap or a longer overnight stay. They are equipped with an adjustable, ergonomic chair that easily converts into a bed, a shelf for your hand luggage, and a sleek sliding shade for maximum privacy.

YOTELAIR, on the other hand, offers larger, more luxurious cabins with en-suite bathrooms and showers available upon request, giving you the feeling of staying at a mini hotel without having to leave the airport. The YOTELAIR cabins are conveniently located in Lounge 2, past passport control and near the D Gates in the non-Schengen area of the terminal.

Booking and Payment

Booking a sleeping pod at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is quick and easy. For GoSleep pods, you simply walk up to the pod, insert coins or use your credit card to pay, and then enjoy a refreshing sleep. The rate for GoSleep pods is €15 per hour, with a minimum booking time of two hours.

For the more luxurious YOTELAIR, you will need to book online via their website or at their check-in desks on site. The prices for YOTELAIR cabins vary depending on the length of your stay, ranging from €49 for a four-hour daytime stay, to €109 for an overnight stay in a premium cabin that includes an en-suite bathroom and shower.

Amsterdam Airport Sleeping Pods Example

Imagine you’ve just finished a long, 15-hour flight, and find yourself with a 10-hour layover in Amsterdam before your final destination. In an effort to catch up on the sleep you’ve missed, you decide to book a YOTELAIR cabin for your layover. As you enter your private and soundproof cabin, you appreciate the calm atmosphere after the noise of the busy terminal. After a revitalizing and undisturbed sleep, you shower in your en-suite bathroom before heading out to grab a bite to eat from the airport’s diverse selection of restaurants. As you board your next flight, you feel not only well-rested but also grateful for your stress-free layover experience.

Amsterdam airport sleeping pods provide travelers with a unique and comfortable way to recharge during a long layover or enjoy a restful night of sleep without the need to find an expensive airport hotel. Whether you opt for a quick nap in a GoSleep pod or a luxurious stay at a YOTELAIR cabin, these sleeping pods are truly a game-changer for weary travellers. Share this guide with fellow globetrotters and aviation enthusiasts and discover other handy guides on Airport Sleeping Pods.


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