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Places To Sleep In Airports

Places To Sleep In Airports

We’ve all been there. A long layover and an exhausted traveller – not the best combination. The last thing you want to do is shell out extra money for a hotel only to get a few hours of rest before your next flight. But, worry no more! Airports around the world have caught on and are now offering various sleeping options to cater to weary passengers. In this article, we will explore different airport sleeping pod concepts, the benefits of using these facilities, and how to find them in airports worldwide. Your next layover doesn’t have to be a nightmare anymore!

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Airport sleeping pods are compact, private spaces designed for travellers who need a place to nap, relax, or work during layovers. They come in various designs, but most offer essential amenities like a bed, a small workstation, individual lighting, and charging stations for electronic devices.

1. Minute Suites

Minute Suites offer private suites featuring a daybed with pull-out trundle, workstation, ambient noise control, high-speed internet, and satellite TV. They are available for rent by the hour and can be found in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Philadelphia International Airport, and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

2. GoSleep Pods

GoSleep Pods are futuristic-looking sleeping capsules offering a quiet space to relax in a comfortable bed with adjustable privacy blinds. Some pod facilities also provide luggage storage and charge your devices while you snooze. You can find GoSleep Pods in airports like Helsinki, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

3. SnoozeCube

SnoozeCube features a soundproof room with a bed, TV, Wi-Fi, and power sockets. The SnoozeCube is designed for travellers looking for a short nap or a comfortable overnight stay. The first SnoozeCube facility opened in Dubai International Airport.

4. SleepBox

SleepBox offers travellers a small, private, and soundproof room featuring a bed, Wi-Fi, and charging stations. They are available at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport and are planning to expand to other airports worldwide.

5. NapCabs

NapCabs provide a comfortable and private space for travellers to sleep, relax, or work while waiting for their flights. These self-contained cabins are furnished with a bed, a desk, and a multimedia touch panel. They can be found at Munich Airport.

Places To Sleep In Airports Example

Imagine having a 10-hour layover at Dubai International Airport. Instead of trying to find a quiet corner in the busy terminals, you can book a SnoozeCube for a few hours to get some rest or catch up on emails. After a rejuvenating nap, you can use the airport’s amenities, like dining and shopping, feeling refreshed and ready to take on the next leg of your journey.

Gone are the days of fighting for a comfortable spot in overcrowded airport terminals or dreading long layovers. Airport sleeping pods offer safe and affordable alternatives for you to catch some vital sleep between flights, work in privacy, or simply recharge your batteries. Be sure to explore more resources and guides from Airport Sleeping Pods for your next travel adventure. Word about these airport sleep oases deserves to be shared with fellow travellers, so go ahead, share this guide, and make someone’s layover a whole lot better!

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