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Can I Sleep In Stansted Airport?

Can I Sleep In Stansted Airport?

Are you planning a layover at Stansted Airport or simply don’t want to spend money on a hotel for a short stay? You might be wondering if it’s possible to sleep inside the airport, and if so, what are your options? Your search for answers ends here! Welcome to the comprehensive guide on sleeping in Stansted Airport, where we will discuss available sleeping options and other essential information to ensure you have a comfortable rest between your flights.

Stansted Airport, located in Essex, is one of the busiest airports in the UK, serving numerous low-cost airlines and passengers from all around the world. Many travelers may find themselves with a layover or delayed flights at this bustling transportation hub. What do you do when you’re stuck at the airport for several hours, and booking a hotel room isn’t an appealing option? You seek out comfortable places to catch some shut-eye, of course! In this guide, we will explore the possibility of sleeping in Stansted Airport and provide you with valuable information to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

1. Sleeping in Stansted Airport: The General Rule

Generally, sleeping in airports isn’t prohibited, particularly for passengers with valid boarding passes and layovers. Stansted Airport is no exception. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that there might not be designated sleeping areas or sleeping pods, which means you’ll need to find a comfortable spot to catch some Z’s.

2. Sleeping Pods: A Trendy Airport Addition

While some airports around the world offer sleeping pods—small spaces equipped with a bed, power sockets, and other basic amenities—Stansted Airport currently does not have any sleeping pods available for passengers. However, if you desire a comfy sleep without leaving the airport, check out our next point:

3. Drop-And-Go Services: A Convenient Alternative to Sleeping Pods

If you’re desperate for a comfortable option, there’s good news: Stansted Airport now offers a Drop-and-Go service! Although not precisely a sleeping pod, the service allows you to access the Escape Lounge, where you can enjoy a comfortable space to rest, with comfortable chairs, complimentary refreshments, snacks, and free WiFi. To access this service, you’ll need to pay an entrance fee (starting from £25 for adults and £18 for children) and book your spot in advance through the airport website.

4. Finding a Comfortable Spot: Best Places to Sleep in Stansted Airport

If you prefer a free option, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Once you’re inside the terminal, seek out comfortable benches or chairs without armrests. Some of the best areas to catch some sleep are located post-security, near Gates 1-19. Here, you’ll find several seating options, although they might become crowded during peak hours. Consider using earplugs and an eye mask to minimize noise and light disturbances.

Can I Sleep In Stansted Airport Frequently Asked Questions

Is it allowed to sleep in Stansted Airport?

Yes, passengers are allowed to sleep in Stansted Airport. While it’s not particularly promoted as a sleeping destination, many travellers find themselves needing to rest during long layovers, early morning departures, or flight delays.

Are there specific areas designated for sleeping?

There aren’t officially designated sleeping areas, but travellers commonly settle in post-security departure areas. Here, you can find bench-style seating without armrests, which is more conducive for lying down. Do note that it can get busy during peak hours.

Do I need to inform any airport staff if I decide to sleep?

No, you generally don’t need to inform airport staff. However, it’s always a good practice to stay aware of your surroundings and listen for any announcements.

Is it safe to sleep at Stansted Airport?

Stansted Airport, like many major international airports, has a security presence 24/7. However, it’s always advisable to safeguard your belongings. If travelling alone, consider keeping your luggage in a way that it’s hard for someone to access without waking you.

Are there shower facilities available?

Yes, there are shower facilities available in the airport. They come with a fee, but it might be worth the freshening up, especially if you’re coming from or heading into a long flight.

Can I rent a sleeping pod or cabin in the airport?

Yes, Stansted Airport offers sleeping pods where travellers can rest. These are private, charge by the hour, and can be a comfortable alternative to public seating.

Are there any lounges I can access?

Yes, several lounges in Stansted Airport offer more comfortable seating, snacks, and beverages. Access may require a fee, loyalty membership, or business class ticket.

What if I need a pillow or a blanket?

There are no free pillows or blankets handed out for airport sleepers. It’s advisable to bring your own or consider purchasing from airport shops. Some travellers also use their clothing as makeshift pillows.

Are there any 24/7 food options available?

Yes, you can find 24/7 food options in the airport, albeit choices may be limited in the very late or very early hours.

Are there noise-cancelling spots or quiet zones?

While there aren’t official “quiet zones,” some areas in the airport tend to be quieter than others, especially the farther you go from main walkways and eateries. Bringing earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones might be a wise choice.

Can I charge my devices while I sleep?

There are charging stations available throughout the airport. If you plan on sleeping near one, ensure your devices and belongings are secure.

Will I be woken up for security checks?

Airport security rarely disturbs sleeping passengers unless there’s a specific reason. However, it’s possible that cleaning staff may need to access the area you’re in.

Are there nearby hotels if I decide against sleeping in the terminal?

Yes, there are several hotels in close proximity to Stansted Airport. Some offer shuttle services to and from the terminal.

What’s the protocol during COVID-19 or similar health crises?

During health crises, there may be additional restrictions or protocols in place. Always check with the airport’s official website or helpline before planning to sleep there during such times.

Is it recommended for families with children?

While it’s possible to sleep with children, the environment may not be the most comfortable or conducive for them. Families might want to consider lounge access or nearby hotels for added convenience.

Are the restrooms open 24/7?

Yes, restrooms in the airport are open 24/7. They are cleaned regularly, but like any public restroom, cleanliness can vary depending on the time of day.

Can I store my luggage securely?

Yes, there are secure luggage storage facilities available for a fee, giving you peace of mind while you rest.

Will I hear flight announcements while I sleep?

Yes, flight and airport announcements play throughout the terminal. This can be a disturbance, hence earplugs or headphones might be handy.

Are there any first aid facilities in case I feel unwell?

Yes, there’s a medical centre in the airport, and first aid is available 24/7. If you or someone around you feels unwell, approach an airport staff member immediately.

Can I access free Wi-Fi while I rest?

Yes, Stansted Airport provides free Wi-Fi for passengers. This can be particularly useful for entertainment or checking flight details while you wait.

In conclusion, while sleeping in Stansted Airport is possible and can be a convenient option for some travellers, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. Whether that means packing earplugs, a sleeping mask, or a comfy sweatshirt, a little planning can go a long way in ensuring a restful layover. Safe travels!

There you have it—a complete guide to sleeping in Stansted Airport. While the lack of sleeping pods may be a drawback, you can still find a comfortable spot to catch some rest or even opt for the Drop-and-Go service for a more luxurious experience. Remember to stay safe, keep an eye on your belongings, and make the most of your layover by getting some much-needed sleep.

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