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Airlines With Beds In Economy

Airlines With Beds In Economy

Gone are the days when only first-class passengers could enjoy a restful slumber during their long flights. More and more airlines today are introducing innovative ways to provide comfort to their economy class passengers. Beds in economy class might sound like a dream, but this dream is gradually becoming a reality. In this blog post, we’ll explore the airlines offering beds in economy and talk about their unique features that are changing the game for budget-conscious travelers.

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With the growing demand for a comfortable flying experience at an affordable price, several airlines have taken the bold step to add beds to their economy class. These airlines have designed creative solutions to keep their passengers happy without sacrificing legroom and personal space. Let’s take a closer look at some of these airlines and what they have to offer in terms of beds in the economy:

1. Air New Zealand – Skycouch

An industry pioneer in providing beds in economy class, Air New Zealand, introduced its Skycouch concept in 2011. The Skycouch is a row of three economy seats that can convert into a flat surface, resembling a couch. Passengers can raise footrests and use provided bedding and pillows to create a cozy haven for themselves to relax, sleep, or play during their long-haul flight. This innovative design is perfect for families, couples, and solo travelers alike.

2. China Airlines – Family Couch

Taking inspiration from Air New Zealand, China Airlines introduced their version of the Skycouch, known as the Family Couch. Their Family Couch consists of a row of three seats with raised legrests that create a flat surface, suitable for a comfortable rest. Passengers who opt for the Family Couch also receive a mattress, blankets, and pillows to complete their in-flight sleeping experience.

3. Lufthansa – Sleeper’s Row

Lufthansa offers passengers a more comfortable alternative to sleeping in their seats with their Sleeper’s Row concept. Passengers can purchase a row of three or four adjacent seats, depending on the aircraft, for a small upgrade fee. They receive a mattress topper, a blanket, pillow and a seat blocker on the remaining seat in the same row, thus ensuring their privacy while resting.

4. Etihad Airways – Economy Space

Etihad Airways may not offer beds in economy, but they bring forth a clever concept called Economy Space. Passengers can book these seats for an additional fee, which provides them with extra legroom and a reclining seat that goes back 120 degrees. The deeper seat recline combined with increased space makes it possible for travelers to curl up and sleep in a more comfortable position.

Airlines With Beds In Economy Example

Imagine taking a long-haul flight from Los Angeles to Auckland, spanning over 13 hours. Traveling with your partner, you decide to experience Air New Zealand’s Skycouch. Both of you can lounge together, watch movies, comfortably sleep during the night, and arrive at your destination well-rested. All this is possible without spending a fortune on business or first-class tickets.

Beds in economy class are promising a bright future for comfortable long-haul flights without blowing a hole in your wallet. If you’re planning a getaway that involves lengthy air travel, keep an eye on these airlines and their ingenious bed designs to enhance your in-flight experience. When comfort and affordability meet, the flying experience becomes all the more enjoyable.

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